What is upkeep? It’s paying for food, and clothes, and the places you stay, and etc. etc. Why do I want to keep track of it? Because it doesn’t come up very often and doesn’t cost much when it does, but it still stops and makes people think about what your characters are doing between all the spectacular adventures we have. What are they eating, where do they sleep, and do they dream of more spectacular wealth? Are you the type to set aside a few hundred credits to live a little larger, or do you live in the most spartan conditions possible to save more cash for weapons?

So what are the upkeep levels and what do they mean?

For 100 credits a month you can be self-sufficient. Even a farmer or hunter will occasionally have to replace tools and the like, so even the most self-sufficient of people (barring actual hunter-gatherer tribes on unsettled worlds) is going to have to spend some money. But this level of living is actually not possible, because you are not hunters or farmers. That stuff takes time, and you’re busy doing other things, like having awesome adventures. So the real bottom rung is…

Impoverished. This sounds like being paid slave wages on some backwater world, but speaking in purely financial terms sleeping in a bunk and living off of space MREs is about the same. There’s a lot more dignity in it, sure, but you dignity isn’t something you buy. If you live in truly spartan condition, you’d be at the impoverished level. This costs 200 credits.

If, on the other hand, you live a little, you’d be at struggling. Between missions we usually take a few days off for R&R, to buy or make sweet new gear, and to line up the next mission. During this time, you might sleep in some kind of actual hotel room rather than the cockpit of one of the team’s fighters, and possibly you’ll eat food that isn’t a flavorless brick that’s just barely better than starving. This costs 500 credits.

Next is average, which costs 1,000 credits a month and is how most people in the galaxy live. And you can’t actually live this way. Without a ship to live out of, you’re just too mobile for things like good meals, flowing water, and holonet access to be delivered to you regularly. Space Arby’s doesn’t deliver to colonial backwaters, pirate bases, or Rakata outposts. I mean, there’s also the fact that a thousand credits is the kind of money you could use to buy some serious armor or weapons and you probably don’t want to part with that much at this stage anyways, but even if you want to, you can’t actually live at this level (or above) until you have a space transport (or something bigger) to live out of.

So, please post a response with how much you’re spending on upkeep (either 200 or 500 credits). It would also be neat, though not required, to describe how your character typically lives, since that is actually the point of this.


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