The Duro Kingdom

When the Force plague and persistent Corellian uprisings drew enough of the Infinite Empire’s forces away from Duro to make rebellion possible, they wasted no time. One city after another rose up, soon creating a solid core led by the Duro King, who liberated the rest of the planet. Unlike most rebels, however, the Duro King planned for the longterm, and focused his strategy on capturing and reverse-engineering Rakata technology. Had he not had the foresight to do so, his fledgling kingdom likely would have been crushed when the main body of the garrison returned from putting down the Corellian insurrections. As it is, the Duro Kingdom caught the Rakata forces between their newly built fleet and the Corellian rebels, crushing them and giving birth to the free worlds.

The Duros took on a strategy of scouting out new worlds and, if they found a sufficiently advanced civilization, immediately handing out hyperdrives to the locals in order to bring in new allies or at least trading partners for the war against the Infinite Empire. Before long, the Empire had been driven off of Kuat, and then ultimately crushed at Coruscant. The battle between Coruscant and the Duro Kingdom did not leave the same harsh feelings between Coruscant and Duro as it did between Coruscant and Corellia. Coruscant defected fairly early on in the fighting, which has made Duro reasonably certain that they, like the Duro King himself, were simply too wise to throw themselves into a battle until they knew they could win.

In the aftermath of the Battle of Coruscant, however, the Duro Kingdom has turned its attention towards establishing a colonial empire. This has chilled their relations with Corellia, who expected them to keep up the hunt for the defeated Rakata, and drawn the ire of Alsakan, who fear they may become galactically irrelevant if the Duro Kingdom’s colonial empire should grow too large. The Duros, wanting little to do with Humans in general except as trade partners and allies in event of mutual military threat, have not been eager to allow Alsakan colonists through their territory, souring relations between the Duro Kingdom and both Coruscant and Alsakan. The Azure Imperium, for their part, are perfectly happy to leave the Duro Kingdom alone and be left alone by them, interacting only very distantly as trade partners. Whether or not this will last should the two actually end up with a border is anyone’s guess, but the smart money is “no.”

The Duro Kingdom already has fairly little control over their colonies and traders (one reason why the Corellians remain on good terms with them despite their having bowed out of the hunt for the Infinite Empire remnant), and is mostly interested in discovering and/or creating new trading partners rather than creating an empire. Thus, they are not significantly opposed to the sort of centralized longterm alliance proposed by Alderaan, with the condition that it not regulate member worlds very much.

The Duro Kingdom

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