The Sith were a war like race that showed a great natural affinity for the Force, though they called it sorcerery, the Rakatan of the Infinite Empire recognized its true identity. After a failed attempt by the Infinite Empire to conquer and enslave the race they were forced to short bursts of kidnapping. After the Rakatan were forced from the Core, many Sith found them selves free but just as trapped as the Wookiees with no way of returning to their home world.

+2 STR, -2 WIS

Rage: Can rage as swift action once per day. While raging, gain 2 bonus on melee attack and damage rolls, cannot use skills that require concentration, rage lasts 5+Con Modifier rounds, -1 condition for 10 minutes after rage ends.

Bonus Feat: Gain Force Sensitive at level 1

Darkness: Gain Dark Side Points at double the normal rate


Star Wars: Birth of the Republic colten_gutierrez