The Selkath are a species of great medical skill and trade. Being the only know providers to the substance of Kolto they have all but monopolized the market of advanced medical supplies. Having used this momentous advantage they Selkath have been successful at leaving their planet out of all political concern. Though most Selkath are content to remain on their home world of Manaan, few have been known to travel out through the core worlds.

+2 Charisma

Breathe Underwater: Can not drown in water

Expert Swimmer: May re-roll any swim checks, but must keep the second roll no matter what. May also take 10 on swim checks even when distracted or threatened

Able Healer: Whenever a Selkath restores hit points to another character by any means, or aids another who is doing so, the target is restored an additional 5 hit points. Additionally, once per encounter as a swift action the Selkath can grant an adjacent ally bonus hit points equal to 10+ the Selkath’s level, which lasts till the end of the encounter.


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