Life and Death

Here’s a few things relating to death and healing for the campaign. Some of it is house rules, some of it is regular rules that people just aren’t using.

First of all, as came up in the game today, you always get a chance to stabilize before dying, no matter how much damage you took from the attack. If this were like Saving Private Ryan or something it’d be totally appropriate to have attacks regularly just straight-up kill a PC, no takebacks, but it’s not. It’s Star Wars. Qui-Gon Jinn got stabbed by a lightsaber and he still hung around until he failed his stabilization check.

Second, revivification. If you actually completely die, you can still be brought back so long as there’s a trained medic with a medkit on hand (medkit, not medpac; medpac helps, but isn’t necessary) and they get to you the same round you died. The DC is kind of steep, but it’s doable even at low levels if you’re specialized. The upshot of this and the first one taken together is that if you get proper medical care in time, it is actually way hard to die. If you don’t get proper medical care in time, even with a very good CON score the odds will catch up to you eventually, so play it safe.

Third, I double-checked and first-aid does require a medpac. I’m not going to say that people retroactively need to make stabilization rolls, but going forward, keep in mind that medkit provides a bonus, but a medpac is required to attempt it at all. We’re in the colony right now, so if you look hard enough you might be able to find some medpacs for sale even in a galaxy as Koltu starved as this one. Or you could get the regular medpacs, which heal only half as much as normal but which are regularly available.

Fourth, second winds. Some people are using these, others aren’t. You don’t typically need your swift actions for anything, so if you’re under half health it’s probably a good idea to burn a second wind immediately. You get one second wind per 24 hours and it grants you immediate healing equal to a quarter of your HP or your total Constitution score, whichever is higher.

And fifth, Force Points. Everyone, Force User or not, gets Force Points equal to five plus half their level, rounded down. So at level 4, you get seven. You can use them to add 1d6 to any attack roll, skill check, or ability check. That includes Constitution checks to avoid death, although you probably shouldn’t, because you can also use them at the moment you die (the exact moment, no chance to wait for revivification) to instead be unconscious, thus basically giving you a second chance to roll to stabilize, or for the medic to get to you before you have to. If you happen to be a Force User, you can also use them to refresh Force powers, and some Force doohickies require a Force point to use. All told, Force Points are nifty and you should be using them, ‘cause they don’t keep. When you level up, you lose the old batch before getting the new ones.

Life and Death

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