Falling to the Darkside

Anytime you gain a Dark Side Point by using a Force power or talent, using the Force in anger, or pretty much anything else that grants a Dark Side point except for doing something unambiguously evil, you can make a Corruption check by rolling an unmodified d20. If you roll a number you’ve never rolled before, you do not take a Dark Side point (this time). Another way to think of it is to write down the numbers 1-20 and every time you make a Corruption check, cross out the result. If you ever roll a result you’ve gotten before, take a Dark Side point.

Whenever you gain one or more Dark Side points without rolling a corruption check, because it was an unambiguously evil act or because you chose to forego the roll (for example, because you wanted to get a single Dark Side point in order to enable you to use Dark Side talents), you must select a number on the list that hasn’t been crossed off yet and cross it off.

The Sith gain two Dark Side points when they use these powers (as per their Darkness trait), but they still only get one Corruption check, which means they will always gain at least one Dark Side point when using Dark powers. However, this doesn’t mean they have to cross off an extra number on their Corruption list as per the above paragraph, because they did roll a Corruption check, even if it wasn’t able to fully mitigate their corruption.

Also players do not “Die” if they excede there wisdom score, but will have negative effect throughout the campaign.

No matter what, all characters start with 0 Darkside points

Falling to the Darkside

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