The Chiss arrived in the Core worlds soon after the Infinite Empire was driven out. At first they were rare and few between, but eventually they become a more and more common sight in the Galaxy. Though it appears all Chiss refuse to discuss their home world or how they even get to the Core. They have taken quit easily to the rough ecology between the planetary governments.

+2 Intelligence

Bonus Trained Skill: A Chiss character chooses one additional trained skill at level 1. This skill must be from the list of skills given by his class.

Low-Light Vision: Chiss ignore concealment from darkness

Indomitable: +2 to Will defense saves

You must discuss with the GM about playing this species. Once you decide to play a Chiss and have recieved the secret info. You may not share it nor decide to change your species. Advised for more role play experienced players


Star Wars: Birth of the Republic colten_gutierrez